the first race

The first point races in the fantasy horse racing league kick off this weekend: the Holy Bull and the Forward Gal.

Alas, I have no horses who are pointed to the Forward Gal, which is really not a surprise since going into the draft, I didn’t know which horses were pointing toward the Forward Gal.  I combed Twitter, Horse Racing Nation, wherever I could possibly find scuttlebutt; no dice.  However, I don’t feel like I’m losing out on too much at the moment, since no one in the league has anyone in the Forward Gal.  It’s a race I will be watching, though…before the draw, I had not heard of any of the six horses who are running, but if any of them look good (and plan to point toward more points races) I may consider claiming them.  The key word is may…they’d have to look really good, though, especially given that there are comparably fewer filly races.  I am feeling a bit nervous about my fillies (She’s A Tiger and Stopchargingmaria), since I don’t know what races either of them are pointing to at the moment, though I do have every reason to think they will do well when they do return to the track.  I can only hope it’s soon, though.

The Holy Bull, however, does give me a shot for points, since Conquest Titan is running.  There are quite a few strong, promising horses in this race…but I really like the fact that in Conquest Titan’s two wins, he’s come from different parts of the pace to do so.  In his most recent race he came from an outside post and a poor start, and rallied from last to first; his maiden win had him on the front.  In his other races it seems like he at least wanted to get to the lead early, but there’s indication from that most recent race that it’s not something he needs to win.  Is he a lock?  Of course not…no horse is, and there’s no shortage of legitimate Derby trail horses in this race.  However, I have every reason to believe Conquest Titan has a legitimate shot to do well Saturday.

I was anticipating having two in that race, since word on the street was that General a Rod would be running in the Holy Bull as well, but clearly that didn’t happen.  I am seeing some scuttlebutt about him running in the Fountain of Youth, though nothing authoritative.  That would be nice, since that’s another points race.

These are my thoughts at the moment.  We shall see how everything pans out come Saturday; I plan to head out to Joe’s to watch the race on simulcast, and see firsthand and live how this all unfolds.

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