picks, ponderings, and exciting news!

I am excited to announce that I am joining Picks and Ponderings at ChicagoNow!

I have been reading Picks and Ponderings since I started following the Chicago racing scene closely.  Paul Mazur, who started Picks and Ponderings two and a half years ago, knows Chicago area racing very well, and is one of my favourite people who I’ve met at the races.  We are both ardent followers of racing at Arlington and Hawthorne, and we will combine our efforts to provide comprehensive coverage of the racing scene we know.  Paul posted his thoughts on this at Picks and Ponderings last night, and I am right there with him on all fronts.

Blinkers Off, along with everything I am already writing about horse racing, is alive and well.  I will continue to write here about Curlin babies, my fantasy stable, favourite race calls, and anything else that strikes my fancy that does not specifically have to do with Chicago horse racing.  In addition, Chicago Railbird has only just begun — I will still be writing twice a week for Shapper da Capper.

This does mean that my picks, discussion, and recaps of local races will appear at Pick and Ponderings.  If you follow Blinkers Off specifically, do not worry — just as with my editions of Chicago Railbird, I will post links here to everything I write there.  Furthermore, if you’re into Twitter, Picks and Ponderings has a Twitter account at @picksponderings where both Paul and I will be posting racing information and insight.  Of course, if you’re curious about our personal musings (which are mostly about horse racing anyway!), I’m still at @rogueclown and he’s still at @heylaserbeam.

In short?  This is going to be awesome.  Paul and I will apply our knowledge and expertise in the same place, and be able to provide even more thorough coverage of Chicago-area horse racing.

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