reshaping coverage of Curlin babies

A new year has rolled around, and Curlin’s first crop is now five.  In a few months, a new crop of two-year-old Curlin babies will be hitting the track.

Even now, with more and more of his third crop beginning their careers, Blinkers Off’s original way of following the Curlin babies has become a bit unwieldy.  The updates are a mountain of text even if they do happen weekly, and more often than not they end up more sporadic than that.  I want to do better, and I owe you, as my readers, far more timely information than I have been providing.

Hence, starting with January 1 of this year, I am compiling a table of every race in which Curlin’s progeny run.  Think something along the lines of TDN’s Progeny PPs, but a bit wider in scope.  Instead of containing just on-the-board finishes in races above a certain level, it will contain all races that Curlin babies enter.  Just as with my blog-style updates, this includes both actually run races as well as scratches.

This has several advantages.  Instead of letting Curlin babies’ races pile up for defined and periodic updates, I can update the table on a continuous basis, keeping both completed and upcoming races in one easy-to-read place.  The table will be searchable and sortable, so finding information about certain horses, crops, and even damsires will be easy.  It will link to charts and video replays of the races, which my previous blog updates did not.  Each race will also have my short editorial commentary, shedding insight on how that race fits in at that point in the runner’s career.

This will also, most importantly, allow better and more timely discussions of specific races in long form.  Instead of relegating updates on Curlin’s progeny to periodic batch updates, I will instead have more frequent entries that focus on interesting races and entries: career debuts, stakes races, wins, and otherwise engaging performances.

I am still finalizing the look of the new page, but have put together the data and should be rolling it out once I am happy with it: hopefully later this week.  Please let me know if you have any questions, or any suggestions for how to make Blinkers Off a more useful source of information on Curlin babies!

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