@CurlinBabies on Twitter!

Matt Dinerman asked me today if I had thought of making a specific Twitter account for following the Curlin babies.  I hadn’t, but the idea made perfect sense.  I had been covering wins and other big races in longer form here, but otherwise all of the information I was collecting about Curlin’s progeny remained in my own brain.

Hence, @CurlinBabies is born.

It will focus solely on information related to Curlin’s progeny.  Race entries, race results, auction updates, links to articles about Curlin babies — I plan to post it all there.  That’s not to say my personal Twitter account will become completely devoid of #CurlinBabies content, particularly as it relates to excitement, opinion, and conversation…but the nuts, bolts, and information will live at @CurlinBabies.

This will not be the end of Curlin Babies updates here.  It will continue as it has through 2015, with longer written pieces about wins, big stakes, and other interesting races.  However, I missed having somewhere to note all of the race results and entries.  This Twitter account will allow me to disseminate that information in a more timely and focused fashion than ever.

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