Picks and Ponderings: Kentucky Oaks and La Troienne

Derby week is upon us, and the Kentucky Oaks has been drawn.

For the first of our Derby Week pieces at Picks and Ponderings, Paul Mazur and I have taken a look at the pair of Grade I stakes races at Churchill Downs on Friday.  I provide my detailed analysis of the Kentucky Oaks; Paul looks at the La Troienne.

As for the Kentucky Oaks, I landed on two horses who I see as head and withers above the rest.  One of them was one on whom I had been bullish for a while: Stellar Wind.  One of them was not one I expected to land on, but the more I watched replays of her and others, the more I thought she had a huge chance: Condo Commando.  My detailed reasoning, as well as my thoughts about other horses in the field, can be found at Picks and Ponderings.

As we handicap the rest of the card, we will add our selections for other stakes races that day, as well.  If you have questions about my logic on any of the other races, feel free to leave a comment and I would be happy to discuss my thoughts.

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