The Final Wager: Parimutuel Wagering

Part of the reason I got so deeply into horse racing is the trivia aspect.  Being able to remember little details about horses, their pedigrees, and their races makes the sport fun.

In light of that, I am excited to announce that I collaborated with Keith Williams of The Final Wager on the latest Fact Primer: a look at parimutuel wagering!

Typically I write for people who know horse racing well, so this was a little different.  The Final Wager focuses on Jeopardy! strategy and trivia, so this time I was writing for trivia aficionados who want to learn something about horse racing.  I had a great time working on it — and between Keith’s rundown of the nuts and bolts and my diversions into a few more sophisticated things, hopefully it gives fellow trivia nuts a little idea about the sport and how much fun playing the races can be.

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