horse racing trivia!

One of the few things I do away from the racetrack is trivia.  I play pub quiz frequently, and also play in an online quiz league called LearnedLeague.  On the off-seasons, LearnedLeague allows players to write themed quizzes for everyone to play.  I wrote one about horse racing and it, quite appropriately, went live over Derby weekend.  Once the quiz is over, it becomes open for anyone to read, whether you are a member of LearnedLeague or not.

If you are curious to see what I wrote, the entire quiz is here.  The answers are hidden and require a click to reveal, so you can play the quiz.  I also wrote a detailed recap in the forums, discussing some of my thoughts behind the questions as well as some ancillary trivia tied to the questions.  Writing the quiz was a thrill, and hopefully you all enjoy it…and maybe learn a bit of new horse racing trivia!

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