Arlington Park Selections: May 25, 2015

I apologise for the short form today, but I wanted to make sure my Arlington selections got up before first post.  I have a few notes on the races, but not full analysis.  As always, feel free to ping me on Twitter (@rogueclown) if you have any questions about my logic here.  I’d be happy to chat there!

Race 1: Oo De Lally (4), Double Crossing (2), Hashtag Giddy Up (7)

Race 2: Meghan’s Faith (2), Nikaluk (4), Little Frances (1 – undersides only)

Race 3: Zahar (6), Skirts on Fire (4), Artic Vortex (8)

Race 4: Emile (1), La Pinata (3), Proud Jackson (2)

Race 5: Yankee Dealer (7), Mister Marti Gras (2), Jazzy Sun (4)

Race 6: Evenanangelcanrun (6), Sacred Range (3), Exactness (8)

Race 7: Canadian Candy (1), Silver Liner (2), Little Farms Lady (6)

Race 8: Bold Rally (2), Giacallure (1), Poker Player (8)

Best Bet:

Race 6, Evenanangelcanrun (6): First off the claim by Dale Bennett. Though I tend to be wary of horses just claimed off of Jamie Ness, his races under Ness were right in line with what he did under other trainers, and Bennett is 23% first off the claim.

Long Shot:

Race 7, Canadian Candy (7): She drops from maiden special to claiming for the first time. She drew the rail, showed speed in her last start, and cuts back. She tries turf for the first time, something her breeding suggests she will like.


Race 4: Class drop on Hey Pretty Boy (6) is suspicious. Could he win? Sure. But, he will be a short price, and dropping this horse in for $5,000 after his history against far better company suggests something is not going well. Swing against. The class drop for Emile is a little perplexing, too, but not as precipitous. His polytrack prowess is too much to ignore here.

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