finally! Hawthorne DerbyWars!

For as long as I can remember, I have been ranting on Twitter that I’d play a lot more contests if there were contests covering Chicago racing.

Finally.  DerbyWars has answered the call.

DerbyWars will host survivor contests this fall for Hawthorne.  I will play.

It will be a relatively unfamiliar format for me.  I have never played show-survivor contests on DerbyWars before.  The only time I tried one was at Portland Meadows last year, one of those “pick a horse a day” types, and I was bounced on the first day.  (Oops.)

The goal is simple: get as many races in a row as possible in which you pick a horse who finishes first, second or third.  It will be a different goal than I normally set for my contest play, or even my handicapping in general, since the goal is to find horses who will hit the board.  Given my usual tactic (and enjoyment) of finding longer shots, this will be a little different, and I figure I will end up going a bit chalkier than my usual technique.  That said, the skills are the same, and sniffing out really bad chalk is just as important here as elsewhere.  It may even prove more important, since that terrible chalk may end up eliminating a lot of players.

One bit I am worried about is the fact that there are so many entrants with multiple entries.  I see people with three, four, even eight entries.  I have entered with one.  Though the track is more in my comfort zone, I am still not sure about going that deeply into it that fast.  Low roller problems, I know.

Even so?  I will try to make the most of my play.  I do not expect to run the table.  Still, I hope that my borderline monomaniacal focus on Chicago racing can pay off here, and that I can make some solid showings.

In short: thank you, DerbyWars, for getting a Hawthorne contest going.  I am looking forward to seeing how it goes, and I am excited to try my hand.

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