Picks and Ponderings: 2015 Fall Highweight Handicap Preview

The Fall Highweight Handicap (GIII), this Thursday at Aqueduct, is a unique race on the calendar.  Nowadays, except for rarities like Work All Week’s 2014 attempt in the Addison Cammack Handicap, the H-word means little.  The “handicap” weights vary by a few pounds, but no one carries much more than they do in any other race.

It’s a little different in the Highweight.  The top weight, Favorite Tale, was assigned 135.  He will not run Thursday, but both Salutos Amigos and Palace did enter.  They lug 134 and 133 pounds, respectively.  The rest carry between 124 and 127 — not light in an absolute sense, but far more within what horses typically carry nowadays.

Can Salutos Amigos or Palace drag a sled to the winners’ circle?  Will someone else take advantage of a lighter impost?

Head on over to Picks and Ponderings, and get ready for the Fall Highweight Handicap!  As always, please feel free to leave a comment or send a tweet with your thoughts!

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