insurance for CANTER Chicago

I volunteer for CANTER Chicago.  We are currently raising money to buy insurance, in order to continue operating on the backsides of Chicago racetracks.

Atom Splitter, a local racehorse turned track pony who was listed through CANTER last year.

CANTER Chicago helps make it as easy as possible for connections to responsibly rehome their racehorses when they are ready to retire — and as easy as possible for people who are looking for horses, but do not know any racehorse connections personally, to find an off-track horse.

Trainers and owners can get in touch with us to do a listing.  We take pictures and video, as well as get information about the horse.  We use that to put together a listing, and then we market our listings online to people who are looking for horses for a variety of disciplines.

This requires regular visits to the backsides of the tracks in Chicago.  We visit the backside weekly, whether we have listings to take or not.  Though listings are the most visible part of what CANTER does, there is a tremendous amount of value in being there every week no matter what.

As anyone who has been around horses knows, being around horses can be dangerous.  Nothing has happened to one of our volunteers yet, and hopefully it remains that way.  However — hope is not an insurance policy.  We need liability insurance to make sure our bases are covered, just in case the worst happens.

Having insurance in place will ensure that we can continue to visit the backside.

If you can contribute financially, please do.  Since CANTER Chicago is 100% volunteer-run and donation-funded, every cent will go straight to the expenses that we need to continue operating.

If you do not, please consider sharing the link to our insurance fundraiser, especially with people who follow horse racing in Chicago.

I know there are a lot of crowdfunding campaigns online.  It feels like a lot to you, me, and everyone on the Internet.  But, for people connected to Chicago racing?  This campaign will help keep CANTER Chicago, a vital part of Chicago’s racehorse retirement infrastructure, running.

Thank you!

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