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Today, I am launching a Patreon campaign to support Blinkers Off.

I started Blinkers Off in January of 2014 as a way to stay engaged with horse racing through Hawthorne’s off-season.  Blinkers Off became that, and a whole lot more.  Over two years later, it remains the hub for my horse racing writing.  The best of my work — both on Blinkers Off and elsewhere — is collected here.

Presence and persistence lie at the heart of my racing writing: being at the racetrack, learning the racetrack, keeping my eyes and ears open, and letting what I learn inform my work.

If live Thoroughbred racing is in session in Chicago, I am on site at least once a week, often more.

Over the last several years, I have developed knowledge and insight that can only be gained by being present at the racetrack week in and week out throughout the entire Chicago-area racing season, a season that covers between nine and ten months of the year.

I do not know everything — nowhere close.  But, that’s part of why horse racing is so compelling — it is deep.  It grows.  It changes.  I have a lot to learn, and always will.

But, whether I write handicapping analysis or a different topical piece, what I learn and see being at the track so often informs my perspective and helps make it unique.

If you follow Chicago racing, if you are curious about Chicago racing, if you have enjoyed my writing over the years…please consider becoming a patron.  Your patronage will give me the time and resources to cover horse racing more thoroughly — to do more time-consuming interviewing and feature writing more often.  It will help my writing remain sustainable and consistent, even if other things in my life change.

Every race has at least as many stories as there are horses who enter the starting gate — and with your support, I can find and tell more of those tales.

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