Picks and Ponderings: Fairmount full-card selections and analysis, 8.2.16

One of my greatest bits of shame is that I lived in St. Louis for three years…and have still never been to Fairmount Park.

Better late than never, they say, and I am fixing that deficiency this week.  Paul and I are hitting the road again, this time to Collinsville.  Over at Picks and Ponderings, I have written full analysis of the seven-race card.

I am so excited to go down to Fairmount.  For one, there are a few horses I remember from Chicago running tomorrow (including McGuire Road, who I hope has calmed down since last season, since he was almost He’s a Council levels of naughty in the paddock the one time I saw him).  In addition, seeing a new track is always exciting.  I have heard wonderful things about Fairmount…that it’s small, laid back, unpretentious.  And, given that I am far more for ponies than pageantry, I am expecting to really like it there.

Head over to Picks and Ponderings, read my preview of this Tuesday’s card at Fairmount, and come play some Horse Hooky!

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