the career maiden

This summer I started an email newsletter, which goes out once every week or two, called The Career Maiden. It contains links to all my writing, links to a few things I read since the last newsletter, and a #CuteNoseAlert.

I mentioned it in passing when sharing a video about Haru Urara back in the summer, though I never really announced it here.  I never really saw the need to — after all, if you read Blinkers Off, you get links to all my writing already.  It seemed redundant.

I always start it with a short introduction or musing, usually about horses.

I thought to mention the newsletter here in detail, finally, because today’s introduction was not exactly so…short.  It takes up most of the newsletter.  I published it there instead of here because it’s a bit more personal than racing related.  It’s more about the dream of making a life in racing than it is about the sport itself.

If you want to get updates on my writing in your email every week, 0r if you enjoy the newsletters in the archive, you should subscribe to The Career Maiden.

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