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If you’re my patron, I hope you’ve seen my recent posts about horses to watch over the last couple of weeks at Arlington.

If you’re not a patron yet? Now is a great time to start supporting my Patreon campaign!

I recently made the exciting yet scary leap from a full-time job in the tech world to a job as a chart caller at Arlington Park. I absolutely love it — it still seems a bit surreal that I’m employed to watch and document horse races. Tech had burned me out. Now I’m remembering what it was like to look forward to going to work…and to leave work with enough energy to write. Read. Live.

That job also means that I’m only working on the days that Arlington runs: four days a week through July and August, then three days a week through September. So, it means I have more time and energy for writing…but also means that it’s more important that my writing becomes financially sustainable.

That’s where your patronage comes in. If you enjoy reading what I write, please take a moment and consider supporting my work. Even $1 a month gives you access to more of my writing…of course, higher levels allow you more access and rewards.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a message — and I’m looking forward to your support and your community for the months and years to come!

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