Picks and Ponderings: Introducing the Chicago Racing Review!

For the last few years, we have reported live race results on our Twitter account, @picksponderings.  Recently that has become untenable due to my chart calling responsibilities for Equibase at Arlington, and we will no longer be able to post race results as they happen.

Of course, that’s not the end of our presence on Twitter.  The Twitter account will remain active for discussion of races, posting links to our newest blog posts, and sharing news about Chicago racing and Illinois horses.

Picks and Ponderings remains as engaged in Chicago-area racing as ever, but we need a different avenue to keep you, the readers, informed about what goes on beyond the stakes races.  Hence?  Chicago Racing Review.  In this new weekly column, we’ll highlight what you need to know, and who you want to follow.

At Picks and Ponderings I discuss the most interesting performances of the week at Arlington Park, and a sire angle that you may not know…but probably should.  Read the first issue of Chicago Racing Review, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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