Picks and Ponderings: 2018 Belmont Gold Cup Preview and Belmont Thursday-Friday Stakes Selections

Though the top racing story leading into the weekend is Justify’s bid for a Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival ensures that it is not the only one worth following.  With top-class stakes races across all ages and divisions, the weekend has established itself as American racing’s top midyear showcase, and the action begins this Thursday.

Picks and Ponderings will tackle both Friday and Saturday at Belmont this week.  In addition to fully previewing the Belmont Gold Cup here, Nicolle Neulist also provides selections and longshots for all three stakes at Belmont Park on Thursday, and all five on Friday.  A separate piece takes a horse-by-horse look at the Belmont field, and also provides stakes selections for Saturday at Belmont.

Head over to Picks and Ponderings, and let’s dive into one of the precious few two-milers we have!

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