Chicago Race of the Day: Saturday, December 28

Even though the Hawthorne Thoroughbred meet runs through January 4, carryover pools have to pay off before the end of the calendar year. So, in episode 105 of Chicago Race of the Day, let’s shine a light on Saturday’s Hawthorne 9th: a $6,250 maiden claiming race, the day’s finale, for which there is a $28,794 carryover into the Super High Five Pool. It’s usually a jackpot, but there’s a mandatory payout on Saturday so it’s worth taking a shot!

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Chicago Race of the Day: Saturday, December 28

2 thoughts on “Chicago Race of the Day: Saturday, December 28

  1. This is really good Nicolle what you do here. Really good. You speak very clearly know what you are talking about & better than most on the TV. I follow here & on twitter though you do not follow me. I am from Middlesbrough England & love my USA racing & with people like you around with good knowledge you learn a lot. Keep them coming its excellent work. Well done.

    • Thank you so much for listening — I’m glad you enjoy it! I try to keep it informative, and love sharing what I’ve learned about the horses here in Chicago!

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