Chicago Race of the Day: Friday, May 28

For Episode 213 of Chicago Race of the Day, we stay on the lawn, but cut back to one turn.

Friday’s third race at Arlington is an allowance-optional turf dash with a tough field of nine, including some up-and-comers as well as some proven stakes horses. Get to know some of the best turf horses on (or, in one case, visiting) the grounds, and let’s figure out how this race is going to set up!

Chicago Race of the Day: Friday, May 28

2 thoughts on “Chicago Race of the Day: Friday, May 28

  1. Good analysis. Too bad I hate, hate, hate turf sprints. That is because any minor problem a horse encounters is magnified in the short distance. Race seven is far more up my alley, a mile on the turf for maidens. Best of luck to you.

    • thanks for listening! it’s weird…i used to hate them, but they really grew on me. race 7 is up my alley, too – considered it for the show but went with the sprint instead.

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