#11: the fifth annual Twelve Days of Curlin Babies

Welcome back to the Twelve Days of Curlin Babies, where we celebrate the twelve most memorable races from Curlin’s progeny throughout 2018. Through all the hundreds of races in which they ran this year, these are the ones to which my mind keeps wandering back. #12: Timeless Curls Marks Herself a Rising Star #11: Secret Passage Comes Into His Own In the fall of 2015, I got... Continue Reading →

Trigger Warning, 2015-2018

a duty that would douse the fire to race that gently glows inside a lesser horse instead it only served to stoke the blaze and power him with ever stronger force when asked to clash with titans, his heart stirred he found the will to stare them in the eye each time, and come back... Continue Reading →

Breeders’ Cup, All In One Place

Here's where you can find links to all my Breeders' Cup work! My race previews, in detail, are over at Picks and Ponderings.  There are separate pieces for Friday and Saturday; between them, I discuss every race. I also discuss my thoughts on several of the races, and several of the more general themes of... Continue Reading →

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