Thoroughbred Insider: Good Magic Lasts

Good Magic made history last year, but yesterday, he asserted that he's not just a one-trick pony.  In my latest at Thoroughbred Insider, I visit one of the many wonderful moments that Curlin's babies brought us this weekend.

Thoroughbred Insider: Curlin – Embodiment of a Champion

Today, a sire I'm sure every reader of Blinkers Off has become quite familiar with over the years celebrates his fourteenth birthday.  (After all -- the tagline for this website used to be "handicapping.  recapping.  fannish glee over the Curlin babies.") Over at Thoroughbred Insider, I wrote a piece in his honour.

Thoroughbred Insider: Withers

In my latest piece for the Thoroughbred Insider Facebook page, I did a little something different: not a Withers Stakes preview per se, but more a piece inspired by a common thread that links the names of so many of the entrants. I don't write enough about horse names...but when I do, it's a lot... Continue Reading →

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