the career maiden – #36

In 2016 and 2017, I wrote a newsletter called The Career Maiden. In May of 2017, I resurrected it today. In my latest issue, I discuss my thoughts about both the hiatus and my recent writing life more broadly. And then, just as I always did, I share some links to my writing, some links... Continue Reading →

ranking Classic Empire

For the first few weeks of the NTRA three-year-old poll, Classic Empire sat atop.  The first ballot came before the Holy Bull.  After his flat third the Holy Bull, most voters dropped him from the top slot...but I kept him on top.  Yes, Irish War Cry was sharp in victory, and McCraken picked right up... Continue Reading →

another three-year-old of 2017

Three-year-old horses get to go to the Kentucky Derby if they're good enough. I don't know what three-year-old blogs get to do, other than continue to take up space on the Internet.  This is as good a time as any to find out, though, since Blinkers Off turns three today! To all of you who... Continue Reading →

support Blinkers Off on Patreon!

Today, I am launching a Patreon campaign to support Blinkers Off. I started Blinkers Off in January of 2014 as a way to stay engaged with horse racing through Hawthorne's off-season.  Blinkers Off became that, and a whole lot more.  Over two years later, it remains the hub for my horse racing writing.  The best... Continue Reading →

two years already?

If you are reading this, thank you. If you have read Blinkers Off, Chicago Railbird, Picks and Ponderings, or any of my other writing over the last two years, thank you. Blinkers Off turns two today, and that would never have happened without you. I said a lot when this little corner of the Internet... Continue Reading →

@CurlinBabies on Twitter!

Matt Dinerman asked me today if I had thought of making a specific Twitter account for following the Curlin babies.  I hadn't, but the idea made perfect sense.  I had been covering wins and other big races in longer form here, but otherwise all of the information I was collecting about Curlin's progeny remained in... Continue Reading →

thank you for a year.

Last year, I was just starting to write a few things about horse racing.  My Twitter account had become mostly racing chatter, but sometimes that felt short.  I had tried my hand at writing a few longer things, and wondered if it would be something that I would enjoy doing on a regular basis.  I... Continue Reading →

reshaping coverage of Curlin babies

A new year has rolled around, and Curlin's first crop is now five.  In a few months, a new crop of two-year-old Curlin babies will be hitting the track. Even now, with more and more of his third crop beginning their careers, Blinkers Off's original way of following the Curlin babies has become a bit... Continue Reading →

a little redesign…

Recently, I had a reader let me know that Blinkers Off was difficult to read due to the white-on-black colour scheme.  It was the first anyone had told me of this, and I very much appreciate the feedback.  I loved the look of the old colour scheme, but if it was making it difficult for... Continue Reading →

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