Picks and Ponderings: Horse Hooky and Wonderful Surprises

Last Tuesday, Paul and I went to Fairmount Park for the first time.

I’m so glad we went.  For one, I love seeing new tracks, and have now been to all three Thoroughbred tracks in Illinois.  But, it was more than that.  In the most unexpected place, I saw something that gave me so much hope for the future of Illinois racing.

Head over to Picks and Ponderings, and see why you should go down to Fairmount Park to play some Horse Hooky.

Picks and Ponderings: Fairmount full-card selections and analysis, 8.2.16

One of my greatest bits of shame is that I lived in St. Louis for three years…and have still never been to Fairmount Park.

Better late than never, they say, and I am fixing that deficiency this week.  Paul and I are hitting the road again, this time to Collinsville.  Over at Picks and Ponderings, I have written full analysis of the seven-race card.

I am so excited to go down to Fairmount.  For one, there are a few horses I remember from Chicago running tomorrow (including McGuire Road, who I hope has calmed down since last season, since he was almost He’s a Council levels of naughty in the paddock the one time I saw him).  In addition, seeing a new track is always exciting.  I have heard wonderful things about Fairmount…that it’s small, laid back, unpretentious.  And, given that I am far more for ponies than pageantry, I am expecting to really like it there.

Head over to Picks and Ponderings, read my preview of this Tuesday’s card at Fairmount, and come play some Horse Hooky!