Frontier Red

Frontier Red a bay more brown than blood when shrouded by sweat and twilight only occasionally sparkling when she passes under the burning floodlights most of the time the winner trots back easily, head held high a quarter-mile victory stroll she laboured back, dragging her empty rear hooves behind her hanging her head, bobbing it... Continue Reading →

Fox Valley Gemini keeps on winning

Fox Valley Gemini is a star. The Illinois-bred three-year-old pacer is undefeated in his fifteen-race career, and is going for win number 16 tonight in the third leg of the Carey at Hawthorne. In my latest for the Illinois Harness Horseman's Association, I look at his win streak, a few other harness racing win streaks... Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Driver Kyle Wilfong

For my latest at the Illinois Harness Horsemen's Association, I sat down for a chat with driver Kyle Wilfong after his dominant five-win day on Sunday.  We talked about his background in harness racing, what he finds so compelling about the sport, and about some of the most memorable horses in his lifetime in the... Continue Reading →

Stable vs. Stable!

In my first piece for the Illinois Harness Horsemen's Association, I sit down for a chat with trainer Payton Ode about an idea that has grown into something seriously exciting: Stable vs. Stable! It started as a challenge to his friends to come out to the racetrack...and it has grown beyond his own barn and... Continue Reading →

Picks and Ponderings: Harness Racing, Up Close

Yesterday I went out to Hawthorne.  Before the races, I got the chance to meet trainers Angie Coleman and Rob Rittof, talk a bit about harness racing, and learn firsthand what it's like to drive a Standardbred Head over to Picks and Ponderings, and read about a day at the track that I'll never forget.


My goal for January was to become conversant about harness racing. The vast majority of my racing exposure has been thoroughbreds.  Growing up, the only races I ever watched were the Triple Crown.  I eventually realised that there was more to racing than a few big three-year-old races in May and June.  Eventually, the racing... Continue Reading →

the luckiest guess

Before today, I had never bet a harness race, and I had never bet a high five. At Hawthorne yesterday, people could not stop talking about the nightcap at Woodbine Harness.  The $0.20 jackpot high five had a $847,458.26 carryover and a mandatory payout. One of the people who told me about the bet pointed... Continue Reading →

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