a good weekend for the old folks

This weekend was a great weekend for the grand old horses.  It seemed like all over the continent, older horses were showing the younger ones just what they could aspire to someday. Ten-year-old Four Left Feet won at Arlington on Monday.  (Go here, make sure you've allowed Flash for this website, and watch Monday, May... Continue Reading →

Picks and Ponderings: Hats Off to Hapman

One of my favourite horses, Hapman, retired today. Over at Picks and Ponderings, I talk about why Hapman is fantastic.  Durable, feisty, and overflowing with personality, every racing fan in Chicago was lucky to have the privilege of following his career.

a special horse, and a special win

Every time I think Ben's Cat can't do anything more awesome, I am proven wrong. Ben's Cat is not one of those horses who typically wins by a huge margin.  The 2014 Fabulous Strike Handicap, which he won by 3 1/4 lengths, was a bit of an anomaly.  His winning margins are more typically a... Continue Reading →

curtains, and coming to terms

I looked at Facebook last night, and started to cry.  I'm still not sure whether it was more out of happiness or sadness, even after a night to sleep on it. Earlier this year, one of my favourite horses turned up on a CANTER Illinois listing: Mischief N Mayhem.  The original trainer listing linked to... Continue Reading →

Palace Malice’s next chapter

Despite being far more passionate about words than pictures, sometimes I need a picture to tell the story. I saw the announcement on Thursday about Palace Malice retiring, and even said a few words about it.  It did not feel as sudden as his retirement last year, a retirement that had never completely felt real... Continue Reading →

Palace Malice returns in the Alydar

Palace Malice ran in the Alydar Stakes today. I feared a Whitney.  I hoped for a miracle.  I tried to remain stoic. 2015 has been a year of fits and starts for Palace Malice.  He was cleared to resume training last November, and Cot Campbell announced a neat little five-race plan: the Westchester, the Met... Continue Reading →

happy retirement, Conquest Curlinate.

This morning, I hoped that whatever was keeping Conquest Curlinate out of the Queen's Plate turned out to be minor.  I also noted that there would likely be more information soon, given how good Conquest Stables is about keeping people posted about their horses. This evening, they shared a bit more news about him. Conquest... Continue Reading →

get better soon, Conquest Curlinate!

Conquest Curlinate has been my Queen's Plate horse since I first put my mind to having a Queen's Plate horse. I had my eye on him since his debut last year, when he finished a late-running fifth beaten just two lengths.  The race looked too short for him.  That opinion bore out when he returned... Continue Reading →

a long time coming

"In the fifth race, scratch the four." I couldn't believe what I had just heard.  I looked at my past performances just to make sure I was remembering things correctly, since my brain works far better on horse names than it does on horse numbers.  However, I knew Frostbite Falls had drawn the 4 gate... Continue Reading →

on Palace Malice and expectations

I am a pessimist. I was not always that way.  When I was young, optimism seeped out of my pores.  Everything was awesome, everything was going to be alright, and there was no point walking anywhere but on the sunny side of the street. Once I gathered the least bit of self-awareness, somewhere in my... Continue Reading →

congratulations, Away Westward!

Horses...it sounds so obvious.  We wouldn't have horse racing without horses.  Strip away the grandstand, the clubhouse, the tote board, the rails...what does a day at the track boil down to?  Whose horse gets from point A to point B faster -- nothing more, nothing less. It's easy to get caught up in everything that... Continue Reading →

take two.

Last week, Palace Malice was supposed to return in the Westchester (GIII).  He scratched, though he returned to the worktab on Tuesday.  That boded well, suggesting that his foot bruise that kept him out of the race last weekend was not something serious. Tomorrow, he gets a prep over the Belmont dirt, the Diablo Stakes.... Continue Reading →


A bit lost in the shuffle of Derby Madness was the Westchester Stakes (GIII) at Belmont. Ever since Dogwood Stable announced Palace Malice's comeback schedule, the Westchester had been planned as his comeback race.  He had won it as easily as a 1/20 shot should have last year, reasserting his class and his affinity for... Continue Reading →

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