Chicago Race of the Day: Saturday, May 18

Ready to talk Illinois-bred maidens? In the latest episode of Chicago Race of the Day, I delve into the Arlington 7th on Saturday, May 17: an Illinois-bred maiden special weight. I point out a few pedigree facts...and may grumble, just a tiny bit, about a beat that happened five years ago, because we all have... Continue Reading →

a new series on Patreon

This is the first in a series I call "One-Pagers" --  short, frequent reflections on topics in horse racing.  They can be about anything: breeding, people, races, events, places, anything under the broad umbrella of horse racing.  The only requirement is that they fit on one page of my notebook. I got the idea yesterday,... Continue Reading →

foals to watch out for: revisited

Enough with the foal report-related doom and gloom, at least for the moment.  The foal report abounds with hope, as well, in the form of specific foals who I can't wait to see on the track in two or three years. I'm still narrowing down the list of 2016's neatest Illinois-bred foals to just five. ... Continue Reading →

2016 Illinois Mares Bred

This week, the Jockey Club released its Report of Mares Bred. Illinois is still a fairly small segment of the breeding market.  After all, according to the report, there were more mares bred to Uncle Mo (253) than there were to all Illinois stallions combined (220).  But, this report does give a look at who... Continue Reading →

Chicago Railbird: Hero’s and Crooks

I had a blast writing my latest Chicago Railbird column. There's little I like more than learning about Illinois breeding, and I noticed that Hero's and Crooks has his first starter ever in Friday's Arlington opener.  I wondered how he ended up a sire, even in Illinois, given his modest race record.  So, in addition... Continue Reading →

the golden bloodline of N. C. Goldust

N. C. Goldust (Gold Stage - Arraign, by Judger) was aptly named.  Her name did not fit her in the same sense that current Chicago-circuit mainstay Dustem Carolina's does:  after all, she was bred in Ontario and not North Carolina.  However, the latter part of her name fits, as her bloodline has been golden. N.... Continue Reading →

Three Hour Nap, revisited

Thoroughbred racing in Illinois gets back underway in less than two weeks.  With that on the horizon, and two-year-old races at Arlington only a few months away, it seemed a good time to revisit one of my pieces from last year, about Three Hour Nap. Since my maiden-focused look at Three Hour Nap was published... Continue Reading →

Illinois sires: Greytap

Every so often, someone googles Blinkers Off with interesting enough search terms that a post ensues.  Within the last week, someone found this corner of the Internet with the search terms Greytap horse pedigree. I have mentioned Greytap a few times here at Blinkers Off, but only in the context of handicapping a race in... Continue Reading →

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