foals to watch out for: revisited

Enough with the foal report-related doom and gloom, at least for the moment.  The foal report abounds with hope, as well, in the form of specific foals who I can't wait to see on the track in two or three years. I'm still narrowing down the list of 2016's neatest Illinois-bred foals to just five. ... Continue Reading →

support CANTER Chicago!

As many of you know from things I have posted here or on Twitter, I have been volunteering for CANTER since October.  It has been amazing. I have met so many horsepeople, volunteers, and horses in the last five months.  And, I have been able to find a way to get personally involved in racehorse... Continue Reading →

Three Hour Nap, revisited

Thoroughbred racing in Illinois gets back underway in less than two weeks.  With that on the horizon, and two-year-old races at Arlington only a few months away, it seemed a good time to revisit one of my pieces from last year, about Three Hour Nap. Since my maiden-focused look at Three Hour Nap was published... Continue Reading →

a tangible reminder of tough times

News broke Wednesday that Hawthorne will probably cut stakes races from their spring schedule. I have spent the last two days trying to find a way to talk about this.  I'm still not sure I have the right words, so much as I have sadness.  Frustration.  Anger. I have a litany of feelings that I... Continue Reading →

Ode to Eight Gauge

Entering the Past the Grandstand blog contest two years ago was one of the major catalysts that led to me starting Blinkers Off two years ago.  I wrote a piece comprising a few vignettes from the fall 2013 meet at Hawthorne, and had so much fun writing it that it galvanized the idea that I... Continue Reading →

Illinois sires: Greytap

Every so often, someone googles Blinkers Off with interesting enough search terms that a post ensues.  Within the last week, someone found this corner of the Internet with the search terms Greytap horse pedigree. I have mentioned Greytap a few times here at Blinkers Off, but only in the context of handicapping a race in... Continue Reading →

Illinois-bred Curlin babies update

If there are two things that hit Blinkers Off square in the wheelhouse, they are Curlin babies and Illinois-breds.  Rarely do those two niches overlap, but recently there have been a few points where they have.  This makes it a good time for updates on all of his Illinois-bred progeny. This past Saturday, Chicken Noodle... Continue Reading →

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