Derby Trial weekend recap

Last weekend was a wrap for the Public Handicapper prep season, which was the reason why I covered many of the races I did in my weekend stakes previews and recaps.  It was the first time I ever played PH, and as difficult or frustrating as the win-only format felt at times, I feel like I acquitted myself well for my first time in such a contest.  I ended up in 881st place out of 3154 players for the season, and actually managed to finish ever-so-slightly ahead after submitting picks for every single contest race of the season.  I was a few cents in the black leading into the final weekend, and after hitting one out of four winners last weekend (Grand Contender in the Texas Mile), I finished with 11 of 52 winners, and $1.60 in the black.  It wasn’t a smashing result, but as only 962 of the 3154 people who played finished the season at zero or better, it was better than most fared, and better than I was expecting to fare.

What’s my prize for this?  More handicapping, of course!  Between a new season of Public Handicapper starting this coming weekend, the huge Cappers with Causes contest that Danonymous Racing is running through the Triple Crown, and one other exciting yet-to-be-announced handicapping contest I’ll be playing in this weekend, I will have plenty of reason to sharpen my pencils and get ‘capping!

However, before that’s drawn, let’s look back at the stakes races I previewed for this past weekend.

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Derby Trial weekend preview

The Kentucky Derby is drawing ever closer, but it hasn’t quite reached us yet.  However, what has reached us is the last week of the Public Handicapper prep contest.  I am nowhere near the lead, but I’m also just barely in the black for the season, so let’s see if I can nab at least one winner this week, and finish that way.  This week was a bit of a challenge, in that there were quite a few unfamiliar horses.  The field of the Derby Trial was generally familiar, but the other three were just a bit newer to me.

However, the only way to learn more horses is to handicap more horses, so let’s get started!

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