The Tournament Edge: Shifting Focus…For a Moment

In my latest blog at The Tournament Edge, I talk about changing focus.

No, I’m not changing focus for good.  I have no plans to make my major circuits anything other than my usuals, Chicago racing and large stakes races.  But, I needed to do something to clear my head and refresh me, just in time for Travers weekend and for the next weekend of Illinois racing.

I found it last night in an unlikely place.  Head over to The Tournament Edge, and see where.

testing the contest waters again…

I’ve dabbled in a bit of contest play over the last nine months or so, but have not become a regular contest player.  I tried again last night, and learned a valuable lesson.

I tried a DerbyWars head-to-head for the first time.  I’ve played a few larger-group games on there and on Race Track Warriors, but I decided instead to do something small.  With fewer opponents, I figured, I would be a little less nervous to try a new strategy.  I played an $11 head-to-head game, covering the last six races at Mountaineer last night.

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dreams, aspirations, and tweeting horses

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I love horse Twitter accounts.  I follow dozens, and chat with some of the tweeting horses rather frequently.  Some people may find the accounts silly, but for some horse racing fans, they are a fun way to stay on top of the sport.  I wish more people in horse racing would set up Twitter accounts for their horses, or at least for their barns.  They are no magic panacea for drumming up interest in the sport, but they can help along that path.  They can be a useful way to engage fans who enjoy using social media and who have a bit of a sense of humour about the sport.  I could not care less what level a horse runs at: if an account associated with a racehorse has fun pictures, good information, or anything that makes me happy as a horse racing fan, then it can bring some good to the sport.

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