August 30, 1981

they breatheheartbeat, batteryhay -they are theatre tryoneabhorrent to thebettor, onenotjet, roar, banterthen onebeat abaryon another, to earn honoron the throne Yesterday, while poking around the internet for poetic ideas, I stumbled across a French collective called the Ouvroir de Litterature Potentielle (OULIPO), the Workshop of Potential Literature. It was my first time hearing of this... Continue Reading →

Trigger Warning, 2015-2018

a duty that would douse the fire to race that gently glows inside a lesser horse instead it only served to stoke the blaze and power him with ever stronger force when asked to clash with titans, his heart stirred he found the will to stare them in the eye each time, and come back... Continue Reading →

Frontier Red

Frontier Red a bay more brown than blood when shrouded by sweat and twilight only occasionally sparkling when she passes under the burning floodlights most of the time the winner trots back easily, head held high a quarter-mile victory stroll she laboured back, dragging her empty rear hooves behind her hanging her head, bobbing it... Continue Reading →

Mastery, 3.11.17, 2:07pm PDT

'tis never promised, always hoped, a horse with early talent past what foes have shown will gallop on along a steady course: to grow into himself and to endorse the highest hopes of those who would enthrone. 'tis never promised, always hoped, a horse will face the best directly and enforce his quality against what... Continue Reading →

Jess’s Next Dream

someone who twice saw immortality asleep a night, or for eternity dreamt two forever horses made a third although Apollo's bane came to begird and Triple Crown dreams soon became absurd one August day made dreams reality he carried hopes that he would duplicate but never came back to the starting gate a scintillating start:... Continue Reading →

to Lady Eli

a bold display of power, strength, and grace a difficult debut, she found the wire ears up, and proud peace beaming from her face she stronger grew, her deeds pronounced the case for champion's laurels — in each start did transpire a bold display of power, strength, and grace our nation's fastest could not keep... Continue Reading →

a day in verse

Today is the first of two major weekends for final Breeders' Cup preps.  It is also the first weekend since early March that there has not been racing action in Chicago, so it gives me some time to focus on just the out of town preps. It also gives me some time to play with... Continue Reading →

a Lady’s day at Ascot

words of praise and hopes for things to come traversed the sea before the royal meet the bluegrass, knowing well its equine sum had never seen four hooves so young so fleet but waters deepened on the other shore and in the bog none knew if form would hold so challengers who numbered four by... Continue Reading →

a moment all too brief

we crowd the rail, a moment all too brief a deep bay flash jets past the Golden Gate to fill our minds and hearts with Shared Belief his hooves sketch his victorious motif at every racetrack in the Golden State we crowd the rail, a moment all too brief and every outing adds onto the... Continue Reading →

a Classic verse

With all apologies to the Haiku Handicapper, this year's Breeders' Cup Classic was sufficiently dramatic to require a Sonnet Recapper. As the Sonnet Recapper does not actually exist, Blinkers Off makes its attempt. the gates flew open, Bayern flew inside momentum's law impacted the stampede through Shared Belief, Moreno then denied the only chance presented... Continue Reading →

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