I’ve been thinking about starting a horse racing blog for a while now, and I’m finally doing it.

Why is this called Blinkers Off?  Simple: I love Palace Malice.  And, for him in the 2013 Triple Crown season, taking the blinkers off was the difference between this:

…and this:

It was the difference between the lovable son of Curlin running wild and out of control, and the race of his three-year-old life.  Seeing him redeem himself after those insane fractions in the Derby was nothing short of beautiful.  To me, horse racing is about the beauty and excitement of seeing the horses run…but it’s also about the compelling stories that arise as the racing season unfolds.

Welcome, and hope you enjoy this.

4 thoughts on “welcome!

    • thank you! :-)

      and, best of luck to you this season — i watched the Display and was really hoping Coltimus Prime would pull it off!

      • Thx. We run at AP too. Love This Kittin (until she was claimed in Sep ’12). Watch her race from May 5, 2012 if you get a sec. You dont see many like it. John D’s call of race has a couple of great lines (8th race). Most recently, have been running Breaking Ball at AP.

      • i just had a chance to watch that Love This Kitten race — wow, you were not joking. that was a fabulous run.

        i’ll keep an eye out for you at Arlington this summer!

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